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Welcome to m to cm, our page dedicated to the conversion of meters to centimeters. We not only tell you the formula, but also and feature a converter m to cm you will like. In a nutshell, this article answers the question how many centimeters in a meter. If you have been looking for m in cm using the international spelling metres to centimetres, then you have found the right site, too 🙂



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Keep reading to learn how to convert m to cm. Note that throughout our website we use the American spelling variants meter and centimeter, as opposed to metre and centimetre.

How many Centimeters in a Meter

Before answering how many centimeters in a meter, let’s quickly explain that one meter is the base unit of length in the modern form of the metric system known as International System of Units. The meter (symbol: m) is defined as the distance traveled by light in a vacuum in one second. And one centimeter (symbol: cm) is 1/100 of a meter.

Therefore, the question how many centimeters in a meter can be answered with 100.

1 m = 100 cm ⇔ 100 cm = 1 m

A centimeter is the hundredths part of a meter. A dimension measured in centimeters is always 100 times more than the length, width and height in meters.

In the next paragraph you can find how to convert meter to centimeter using the formula. Alternatively, you can make use of our converter further below.

Convert M to CM

To convert m to cm multiply the amount in meters by 100 to obtain the equivalent in centimeters. The m to cm is a follows: [cm] = [m] x 100.

Example: If you have 3 meters and want to change them to centimeters multiply 3 by 100 to get 300 cm as result. The multiplication by 100 is the same as adding two zeros.

For more examples see:

However, the easiest way to convert m into cm is by using the calculator which you can find in the next section. Note that a decimal point has to be used for fractions.

About our M to CM Converter

Our calculator at the top of this page changes the length whilst you are typing.

Frequently conducted conversions can also be located by means of the search form in the sidebar. There, you can insert terms like x cm m and x meter to centimeter.

Assumed x denotes your quantity, then you can alternatively enter x m in cm, x m to cm conversion, and x meter centimeter, just to name a few more examples.

Next on this page are the frequently asked questions about m to cm and the summary of this article, along with links to further information.

Meters to Centimeters

Frequently asked questions in the context of meters to centimeters include:

  • How many cm in m
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  • How many centimeters in one meter
  • How do you convert m to cm
  • How many centimeter in a meter
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By reading our article you know all the answers, yet in case you have any questions about centimeters in a meter left then use the form at the bottom to get in touch.

In other metric units of length:

1 m = 10 dm
1 m = 1000 mm
1 m = 0.001 km

Here you can find all about cm to m.

We are coming to the end of our article on meters in centimeters. The image below sums it all up:

Remember, the meters to centimeter ratio is 1:100. In other words, 1 m is equal to 100 cm.

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